Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Won’t Buy Any Christmas Gifts to Their Kids

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The Hollywood couple has been on fans’ radar for some time now. They came to represent the image of the perfect marriage that everyone is dreaming about. However, to grow a harmonious family often means adopting strict rules. Therefore, Ashton and Mila are not going to purchase any Christmas gifts to their two kids. They even asked their parents to refrain from making any exception to this rule. However, they have some compelling reasons to do so.

Ashton and Mila Noticed How Their Daughter Didn’t Feel the Magic of Christmas Gifts Last Year

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are the proud parents of son Dmitri, 11 months, and daughter Wyatt aged 3. However, no matter how much they love their offspring, the duo decided to curb one of the Christmas traditions.

The two ‘That ‘70s Show’ actors are of the opinion that their kids are too small to understand the concept of gifting. Instead, the little ones hold high expectations to their Christmas bounty. However, they don’t know what exactly they want right now. Therefore, their parents decided to teach them temperance instead of spoiling them.

“Our tradition is no presents for the kids. We’re instituting it this year because when the kids are [younger than]one, it doesn’t really matter.”

Mila recounted how Wyatt had received nothing from them yet plenty from grandparents for the Christmas of 2016. This is how her parents noticed that their 2-year-old daughter couldn’t appreciate one gift anymore. She couldn’t feel the Christmas effect anymore. Therefore, the couple announced their parents with months in advance to skip their shopping of Christmas gifts this year.

The Hollywood Couple Will Donate Things to Charity to Celebrate This Christmas

However, Mila and Kutcher’s educational program doesn’t stop here. Instead of keeping the season spirit just for themselves, they are going to spread their love to others less fortunate. Therefore, they are going to make donations to an organization.

Nonetheless, Mila left the impression that their kids would start receiving their presents at some point. The most likely timeframe for the end of such an odd family tradition will be at an age when the two siblings are big enough to cherish the magic of one gift.

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