Batman No. 32 Opens Portal to Selina Kyle’s Feelings Regarding Her Dark Knight

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Warning! Enter the kingdom of spoilers for Batman #32 at your own risk!

Batman and Catwoman have always been an unexplored scenario of an explosive romance. Whenever the two of them were together in a scene, be it from a comic book, movie or cartoon, there was always a flirtatious tension in the air. However, the American writer Tom King decided it was time to finally offer fans satisfaction for their years of dreaming about an impossible love story. Therefore, Batman No. 32 contains the answer Selina prepared for her Dark Knight.

Batman Receives the Answer He Didn’t Expect to Get

This week’s issue of Batman comic book holds the key to the future that Batman and Catwoman have in store. Four months ago, Batman No. 25 took the fans by surprise with Bruce Wayne’s proposal. However, since then the writers masterfully avoided satiating the curiosity of their readers.

Nonetheless, the long overdue love story has just received a powerful denouement. Batman didn’t allow Celina to answer him before he revealed his darkest secrets to her. Instead, Bruce Wayne opened up and confessed even to his weakest moment.

This is when he went rogue even against his own morals to try stabbing the Riddler. Through this move, the Dark Knight makes sure Selina knows all his flaws before she decides or not to start a new life with him.

However, Selina Kyle doesn’t betray her heart when presented with such a dark past. She claims that no mistake can injure the love they feel for each other. Returning to her usual self who likes to be in charge, Catwoman asks Batman to propose to her one more time.

“But this time, you poor boy, don’t demand.”

Tom King Promised that He Won’t Let Any Marriage Flatten Such Explosive Characters as Catwoman and Dark Knight Are

Batman complies with the request, and Selina says ‘Yes.’ Tom King stated that this scene is the embodiment of true love. Batman chose to reveal himself to Selina with all his good and bad even at the chance of losing her forever. However, they are both broken people who form a whole together.

Tom King doesn’t plan to leave this subject unexplored anymore. On the contrary, their next adventure is called ‘Rules of Engagement.’ Nonetheless, he doesn’t see it as a flat happy ending. Batman and Catwoman are two complex characters who are sad or destined for unusual stories no matter how traditional a marriage is supposed to be.

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