The Best Men’s Suits for The Money: Your Comprehensive List

There’s no better piece of clothing to boost your confidence than putting on your suit. Whether you are attending a graduation, a job interview, or a wedding, you have to get one of the best men’s suits for the money.

A suit is a necessity in any man’s wardrobe. Many men are intimidated by different types of suits because they are overwhelmed with the myriad of factors to consider. Some men mistakenly think that the best men’s suits for the money are out of their budget. However, many of the best men’s suits for the money may fall within your price range.

When on a budget, shopping for a suit can be challenging. Thankfully, you’re in luck, because a good suit does not have to put a massive dent in your savings.

What Is a Suit?

Whether you work on Wall Street, at home, or live on a farm, you need at least one suit in your closet. A suit includes trousers and a suit jacket featuring a similar design. There are also three-piece suits that include a vest.

Men wear suits with a collared dress shirt and dress shoes. You can also wear a necktie or bowtie with it.

While you may think that suits are only meant for special occasions or the office, this important outfit fits in well in informal gatherings. There are various choices for the design and construction of suits, such as single and double-breasted options.

What you will choose depends on your sense of style and personality. Do you want people to see you as a business-savvy person, a creative man, or an exciting mix of both?

Suits can be tailor-made based on your measurements. However, this process can be time-consuming, especially if you need your suit urgently.

Today, many ready-to-wear suits are available on the market. But these types of suits also offer high-quality material and fit similar to made-to-measure pieces.

Benefits of a Men’s Suit

Wearing a snappy suit is one of the easiest ways to show class and authority in any setting. With the right suit, you will look and feel your best. Here are some reasons you should buy one of the best men’s suits for the money.

Land a better career

When your clothing fits well, you feel empowered. The best men’s suits for the money fit seamlessly and contour the lines of your body to match your physique.

By showing off your frame in style, you can be comfortable and look dashing at the same time. This look can make a statement about what you can bring to the table.

You may be thinking: So what’s the difference in upgrading how you look with one of the best men’s suits for the money?

When applying for a job, you need to be armed not only with a great resume but also a great suit. The way you look could be the tipping point to land you a final interview.

In the workplace, attractive men enjoy as much as a 10 percent increase in salary compared to those who are less appealing. So if you want a higher salary and to become more successful, you know what to do.

Become more persuasive

How can you win an argument? If you think the answer is only logical reasoning, you are wrong. Did you know that appearance can also help you? When you wear a suit, you become more attractive. Therefore, people will find you more persuasive. This quality is particularly valuable if you work in the field of advertising or sales.

Boost general self-confidence

Wearing a suit can have an incredible effect on how you perceive yourself. It can make you feel more confident, and people are more naturally drawn to people who exude this aura.

While there are many ways to gain self-confidence and present yourself in a positive manner, wearing a nice suit is one of the most effective choices. If you put a little extra effort and time into shopping for one of the best men’s suits for the money, you may see significant changes in how you see yourself.

Aside from increasing your self-confidence, dressing sharp will also radiate an air of self-worth and self-respect. Because of this, people will see you more positively. When you are wearing one of the best men’s suits for the money, your peers and colleagues may start to think you are a valuable use of their time.

Many styles

There are countless choices of available suit styles. Brands now cater to modern men who want a variety of options. You can choose from various fabrics, cuts, buttons, pockets, liners, and lapels.

Great value for money

The best men’s suits for money are built to last. Even though your suit may not come with a luxurious price tag, you can ensure that it consists of quality material.

Save time

If you own one of the best men’s suits for the money, you can save time getting ready for work or a special event. Therefore, your mornings will be stress-free and simplified. By saving time, you can accomplish more tasks and devote your time to things that have greater importance.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Men’s Suits for The Money

When considering one of the best men’s suits for the money, you have to make sure that it meets everything on your checklist.

You don’t want to fall into the trap of buying a suit you won’t use. So you have to consider important factors before you buy a suit.

Where will you wear it?

If you want one of the best men’s suits for the money, you have to consider the occasions on which you will wear your suit. An office suit is different from something you will wear to a summer or beach wedding.

Also, consider your local climate. Do you need a suit that will keep you cool or warm? This way, you will know what type of material to get.

Style preference

When picking a suit, know which one looks best for your body type. For example, a single-breasted suit is a versatile option that will work best in conservative settings. A double-breasted suit will make a heavier man appear smaller.

For men with sloping shoulders, a peak lapel is a great choice to give you an air of athleticism, while a three-piece waistcoat enables you to look put-together even if you remove your jacket.

For trousers, a flat-front pant is ideal for people who have a flat belly, while men who are on the heavier side match well with a looser pleated trouser.

Fabric and color

Your texture and fabric of choice will make a difference in how the suit drapes over your body and moderates body temperature.

Your pattern will determine if a suit flatters you or not. For instance, shorter men should avoid light and dark colors as well as plaids. A taller man will look good in tweed, linen, plaid, and flannel. For muscular men, suits that have muted tones work best.


When buying a suit, you should pay attention to how it fits and accentuates your best features. The best men’s suits for the money will help your shape look its best.

The fit of your suit should neither be loose or tight. You should still be able to sit comfortably in your buttoned jacket without wanting to unbutton it. If you are not comfortable in your suit, it is impossible to look stylish.

If you’re unsure of your size when buying a ready-to-wear suit, first try a size up. A suit that is too small cannot be adjusted.

Take note of these important fitting requirements.

Shoulder and chest

Your suit should be wide enough for you to still move freely. The sleeves should still fall naturally without breaking across your upper sleeve. Do not choose a shoulder that’s too wide because it will make your head appear small.


The collar should hug your neck every time your head turns. However, it still needs to leave enough room for the shirt collar to show. Around 1/2 to 3/4 inches is enough.


The notch placement cannot be altered. For your lapel, it should sit high on the chest to give an upward line. However, it should not be too high because it will make your coat seem like it’s pulling you backward.


The trousers shouldn’t rest on your hips but your natural waist. This way, the jacket line continues. The distance between the waistband and the base of the crotch should also be long enough to let the waistband sit near the waist and the jacket’s waist button.

How We Reviewed

To complete this section of the best men’s suits for the money, we considered different style websites and examined a wide selection of men’s suits that can make you look sharp. We’ve taken into consideration fabric, design, colors, and prices, so you can determine the best choice for you.

To that end, we also considered customer opinions. After all, who can better tell you if a suit is worth the money than someone who has worn it?

The Best Men’s Suits for The Money

When choosing one of the best men’s suits for the money, remember to think of your suit as a long-term investment. Avoid cutting corners to ensure the suit will last longer.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Men’s Stretch Slim-Fit Suit

Whether you are seeking something to wear on special occasions or work, this suit is ideal. The Kenneth Cole Reaction Men’s Stretch Slim-Fit Suit contains 69 percent polyester, 2 percent spandex, and 29 percent rayon, which gives you comfort and stretch. It delivers great value.

This suit has 10 colors to choose from, including black, gunmetal basketweave, light grey basketweave, hot blue, and black tonal houndstooth.

It is designed for men who are tech-savvy and travel-smart. This suit features social storage pockets, stretch, and finished bottom hems, which is ideal for those on the go.

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Stretch Slim Fit Suit, Gray Solid, 36 Regular
Shop now at

Here are some of the most notable features:

  • 2 percent spandex, 23 percent rayon, 75 percent polyester blend
  • Fully lined jacket
  • Zipper closure
  • Flat pocket


  • Great fit and length
  • Great for tall and skinny men


  • May need altering

Van Heusen Men’s Modern Slim-Fit Flex Stretch Suit

Made with 68 percent polyester, 4 percent elastane, and 28 percent rayon, the Van Heusen Men’s Modern Slim-Fit Flex Stretch Suit makes you look like a businessman.

This suit features expandable comfort with its Flex slim-fit suit jacket. Because of its minimalist design and a tailored finish, it is suitable to wear for any occasion.

The design features two front slip pockets, a slip chest pocket, and a two-button front closure. This suit is single-breasted and comes in five colors, including black, light gray, black sharkskin, blue sharkskin, and bright navy.

Van Heusen Men's Modern Slim Fit Flex Stretch Suit, Light Gray, 40 Regular
Shop now at

Here are some of the most notable features:

  • 68 percent polyester, 28 percent rayon, 4 percent elastane
  • Button closure
  • Pre-hemmed pants
  • Wrinkle-resistant performance fabric


  • Won’t wrinkle
  • Good stretch quality
  • Classic style
  • Light fabric


  • Buttons may need re-sewing

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Modern-Fit Performance Suit

Tommy Hilfiger is synonymous with quality, and this suit delivers exactly that. With its 100 percent wool material, people will think you spent thousands of dollars on your outfit.

An excellent choice for men who want the perfect combination of style and comfort, the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Modern-Fit Performance Suit with Stretch is an ideal choice.

This suit is expertly blended to keep its shape while you are moving. The fibers are wrinkle-resistant and highly versatile, no matter the climate or season. Its modern design is also sleek and classy. It features flap pockets, a side vent, and a notch lapel. The pants are unhemmed so you can adjust them to any length.

It comes in 17 color choices and patterns, including a blue sharkskin pattern, tan, navy, gray pinstripe, and gray window pattern.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Modern Fit Performance Suit with Stretch, Blue Sharkskin Pattern, 42 Short
Shop now at

Here are some of its notable features:

  • 100 percent wool
  • Stretch fabric
  • Wrinkle-free


  • Many color and pattern choices
  • Versatile for any occasion
  • Can be worn in any weather or season
  • Good material


  • Needs hemming
  • Expensive

Yimanie Men’s Slim-Fit Suit

This fantastic suit is more affordable than the other options on this list. Despite its price, it still gives surprisingly great quality and design.

This suit is perfect for men who are fashion-forward because it offers unique colors such as pink, green, and red. However, you can also choose classic colors such as champagne and dark gray.

This suit consists of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent viscose. So this suit is very easy to wash and is smooth and soft.

It features a single-breasted blazer jacket with two buttons, a notch lapel, and a five-pocket vest. It has flat-front pants. The affordable price of the suit makes it a top choice for prom, interviews, and minor events.

YIMANIE Men's Suit Slim Fit One Button 2 Piece Suit Tuxedo Business Wedding Party Casual Black
Shop now at

Here are some of its most exceptional features:

  • Button fly closure
  • 80 percent polyester, 20 percent viscose
  • Flat-front pants
  • Single-breasted


  • Great for all seasons
  • Unique color choices
  • Affordable


  • Inaccurate sizing

Mage Male Slim-Fit Suit

Made from soft material, this suit includes a single-breasted jacket with one-button closure and notch lapel. It also has a four-button V-neck vest with an adjustable back tie, as well as flat-front pants.

This elegant three-piece suit is a fantastic choice for any business meeting or formal event. This suit comes in nine color choices, including yellow and purple, and classic choices, such as dark gray and black.

MAGE MALE Mens Solid 3-Piece Suit Slim Fit Notch Lapel One Button Tuxedo Blazer Jacket Pants Vest Set Dark Blue
Shop now at

Here are some of its features:

  • 9 percent polyester, 21.1 percent viscose
  • Include jacket, vest, and pants
  • Soft material


  • Fun color choices
  • Affordable


  • Pants are quite baggy

P&L Men’s Classic-Fit Suit

An ideal option for men with a limited budget, the P&L Men’s Classic-Fit Suit consists of 65 percent polyester, and 35 percent viscose wool touch feel fabric to make you look classy. This suit looks expensive and has a killer price to match.

This two-piece ensemble comes with pleated dress trousers and with an unfinished bottom. And this suit features a single-breasted, two-button blazer with a notch lapel and dual side vents.

If you’re unsure about what style and structure of suit to get, this is a great choice since it suits all body types. With eight classic color choices, including black, navy, gray, and charcoal, it is no wonder why this suit is a favorite among young professionals.

P&L Men's 2-Piece Classic Fit Office 2 Button Suit Jacket & Pleated Pants Set Black 36 Regular / 30 Waist
Shop now at

Here are some of the most notable features:

  • 65 percent polyester, 35 percent viscose
  • Wool touch feel
  • Single-breasted


  • Classic color choices
  • Flattering for all body shapes
  • Affordable


  • Unfinished hems

Perry Ellis Men’s Slim-Fit Suit with Hemmed Pants

The Perry Ellis Men’s Slim-Fit Suit with Hemmed Pants gives you a good bang for your buck. Made with 81 percent polyester, 2 percent spandex, and 17 percent rayon, this amazing suit has a stretch slim fit. It also has hemmed pants so you won’t have to bother adjusting the hems.

The jacket features a notch lapel with side vents, a chest pocket with single welt, lower slanted, double besom pocket, and a slanted ticket pocket with flap. Also, this jacket features four buttons on the sleeve, rounded corner shape on pocket flaps, and great natural shoulder expression.

Its flat-front trouser is also great for all body types. Although this suit is comparatively higher in price than its competitors, it’s a perfect everyday suit that won’t go out of style.

Perry Ellis Men's Slim Fit Suit with Hemmed Pant, Blue, 43 Short
Shop now at

Here are some of its most notable features:

  • 81 percent polyester, 2 percent spandex, 17 percent rayon
  • Multiple pockets
  • Hemmed pants


  • Suitable for all body types
  • Classic design
  • Great shoulder fit


  • Limited color and pattern choices
  • Expensive

NSBS Men’s Classic Tweed Herringbone Check Slim-Fit Vintage Suit

If you want to stand out at any event, the NSBS Men’s Classic Tweed Herringbone Check Tan Slim-Fit Vintage Suit is an amazing choice. This suit is a favorite among men who aren’t afraid to show off their fashion style without looking tacky.

Made from polyester, spandex, and cotton, this suit only comes in the blue. However, it can still be worn regardless of the season for any occasion, such as weddings, proms, and the office. If you want a more casual vibe, forego the vest.

NSBS Mens 3 Piece Classic Tweed Herringbone Check Tan Slim Fit Vintage Suit (M)
Shop now at

Here are some of its notable features:

  • 70 percent polyester, 2 percent spandex, 28 percent viscose
  • Stretchable material


  • Notably stylish
  • Perfect for any event


  • Only one color choice
  • Needs adjustments

Calvin Klein Men’s Modern-Fit Suit

It is no secret that Calvin Klein makes some of the best suits for men. If you have money to spend, this Calvin Klein Men’s Modern Fit Suit is a smart investment. Made with 100 percent wool, this suit makes you look like the richest man in the room.

Whether you want to attend black-tie events or any occasion in which you have to be polished, this suit transforms the way you look. It has a button closure on the jacket and hemmed front pockets. The bottom of its pants is hemmed, so you don’t need a tailor for any adjustments.

Calvin Klein Men's Modern Fit 100% Wool Tuxedo Suit Separates-Custom Jacket & Pant Size Selection, Black Jacket, 46 Regular
Shop now at

Here are some of its most notable features:

  • 100 percent wool
  • Button closure
  • Lightweight


  • Classic jacket and trouser design
  • Flattering for skinny and tall men


  • Limited selection of colors
  • Expensive

Cloudstyle Men’s Solid Color Suit

If you are looking for a suit that gives you high quality at an affordable price, check out the Cloudstyle Men’s Solid Color Suit. With this classic option, you’ll never go wrong. This three-piece suit consists of polyester and has a cotton pad on the shoulders to give greater structure.

This suit features a single-breasted and slim-fit blazer with notch lapel, a chest pocket, an inner pocket, four sleeve buttons, and two flat pockets. Its trousers have a flat-front fit. For the single-breasted vest, it has five buttons.

The quality that makes this suit stand out is its 3D slim cut and full shoulder design. It also features durable seams to make this suit perfect for everyday wear.

Cloudstyle Mens Suit Solid Color Formal Business Two Button 3-Piece Suit Wedding Slim Fit (Medium, Blue)
Shop now at

Here are some of its most notable features:

  • Polyester material
  • Padded shoulders
  • Single-breasted vest and blazer


  • Great to wear for any occasions
  • Hugs body
  • Affordable


  • Limited color and pattern choices

Ready to Suit Up?

Every modern man needs a suit. And whether or not you accept it, people judge you based on what you wear. So why not put your best suit forward? With one of the best men’s suits for the money, you can look your best regardless of the occasion.

If you are looking for a suit under $100 that you may use once, twice, or thrice, the P&L Men’s Classic-Fit Suit is a great choice.

However, if you are planning on getting a suit for daily wear, we recommend investing in the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Modern-Fit Performance Suit, the Calvin Klein Men’s Modern-Fit Suit, or the Perry Ellis Men’s Slim-Fit Suit.

But don’t worry. Your suit will pay for itself in ways you never thought were possible. Now, put on that suit and walk into any room with confidence.

So do you have your own ideas on the best men’s suits for the money? We’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

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