Coffee Lovers Rejoice! Java Is Actually Good For You

Two coffee cupsTwo major studies published this week found that coffee may not have the negative effects people have been concerned about for years. The research papers which involved 700,000 participants found coffee lovers have a lower risk of early death from cancer, heart conditions, and diabetes.

What’s more decaf coffee seems to be associated to the same positive health benefits.

For the larger study, researchers sifted through nutrition data on more than 520,000 people from nearly a dozen countries. Participants were tracked for 16.4 years. Scientists found that the more coffee volunteers drank the less likely they were to die prematurely.

Around one quarter of the coffee drinkers in the study consumed at least three cups of java per day. In that group, men had a 12 percent lower risk of dying prematurely than their peers who didn’t drank coffee at all. Female coffee lovers were 7 percent less likely to die early than women who didn’t drink the dark brew.

The study also revealed a lower risk of early death from conditions affecting the circulatory and digestive systems. Men who drank coffee had also a lower risk of committing suicide.

Coffee Consumption Dramatically Cuts Risk of Early Death

The smaller study which involved nearly 186,000 Americans found similar associations between coffee drinking and lower risk of early death. This study also found that coffee consumption lowered the risk of premature dying from respiratory disease, cancer, stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes.

Coffee consumers who drank from two to three cups per day were 18 percent less likely to die prematurely from the said conditions. People who drank only one cup per day had 12 percent lower risk than abstainers. Unlike the first, the second study is more representative since it included Americans of all ethnicities.

Both studies were published Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine journal.
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