Consumer Watchdog Makes Financial Companies More Vulnerable in the Face of Law


On Monday, America’s consumer watchdocredit cardsg introduced a new rule regarding financial companies. According to this bill, millions of users will be able to refuse for the first time taking their disputes with such businesses to arbitration. Instead, they can enter courtrooms directly and enjoy a fair trial over their credit card accounts.

The Consumer Watchdog Might See His Bill Active in a Year

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has just proposed a new defense mechanism for the public against financial businesses. In the future, consumers will have the option to group together and go after banks and other such businesses in an organized class-action lawsuit. As a consequence, the institutions are prone to lose billions of dollars for something that would have cost them next to nothing in arbitration cases.

The director of the agency, Richard Cordray, stated that this new rule would make sure any party is held accountable in case they go against the law. This plan can become valid in a year. However, this proposal might spark some controversies at White House. Drumpf administration together with House Republicans is the author of numerous attempts to weaken the power of this consumer watchdog to the benefit of a loosened financial industry.

The Bill Can Raise a Great Deal of Support by Its Side

Nonetheless, Cordray’s bill can win this fight if it has a widespread support by its side. Regulators, prosecutors, and judges across the nation have expressed their discontent with a system that allows red-handed corporations to walk away with no punitive measures. Currently, American companies have the power to hinder customers to file a lawsuit against them even though their allegations concern abusive practices.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau receives numerous menacing reports. Last month, the Treasury Department urged the president to gain control over this federal entity. The accusations referred to an abuse of the authority that came with the job.  The goal of this manifest was to remove the director from his position for good.

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