GameStop Has Already Decided to Remain Open on Thanksgiving Day

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National holidays are something people are looking forward to. As the state offers all employees these days off, people are usually planning to spend quality time together with their families. However, not everybody can do that. Retail businesses that remain open during these holidays are supposedly scoring big earnings but also criticisms for their lack of consideration regarding their employees. GameStop has already decided to abandon its three-year tradition of closing its doors on Thanksgiving Day.

On Thanksgiving Day, GameStop Employees Will Be Forced to Work

Video game and electronics retailer GameStop informed its staff that some things would be different this year. Over the past three years, no worker had to skip the free holiday of Thanksgiving. However, this year the company decided to put an end on this initiative and call staff members for extra holiday pay.

“Many of our store associates and guests have asked for this. We have heard their requests and are making an adjustment to our previous position on this topic.”

Therefore, GameStop is going to welcome clients on this holiday as well. However, the company stated that the working schedule for this day would be shorter than usual. This move came in contrast to executive Mike Buskey’s statement two years ago.

The Video Game Retailer Has Already Implemented Further Strategies to Cut Costs and Revive Earnings

The president of U.S. stores claimed in 2015 that the board is convinced that associates and customers should enjoy the opportunity to be with their families instead of working or shopping on Thanksgiving Day. He encouraged people to order products online during this holiday or wait for the appealing discounts of Black Friday.

Even though this decision might undermine the business culture of GameStop, it is not a surprising decision. While it is not facing any critical issue, the retailer resorted to uncomfortable strategies to keep earnings afloat. For instance, the company began closing stores and forced its employees to additional work tasks for a short period.

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