Two Police Investigations Involving Harvey Weinstein Are ‘Under Review’ By LA District Attorney

Two police investigations involving Harvey Weinstein have been submitted to the Los Angeles District Attorney's office.

Harvey Weinstein may soon be under investigation by local authorities.

The case against disgraced movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein, is still building as the Beverly Hills Police Department has submitted two sex crime cases for review at the Los Angeles District Attorney office.

“Two cases have been presented to our office by the Beverly Hills Police Department regarding Mr. Weinstein and are under review,” states D.A’s spokesman, Greg Risling.

A great number of women, including some well-known actresses, have accused Harvey Weinstein of an array of sexual misconducts that span nearly forty years.

Lt. Elisabeth Albanese, the LAPD department’s spokeswoman, confirmed that two cases were presented to the D.A., however, she would not provide any details on the allegations. More so, the lt. did not say if the D.A. will press charge against Weinstein.

According to Beverly Hills officials, the department was investigating a dozen or so cases involving celebrities who have been accused of sexual assault, battery, and other related crimes.

Several sources familiar with the situation have stated that the Beverly Hills police have not yet interviewed Weinstein nor did they contact his attorneys about the investigations.

Besides Weinstein, police authorities revealed that they are reviewing five sex crime cases involving director, James Toback. Toback was accused in a similar fashion by multiple women of sexual misconduct.

Weinstein has been on the radar of the police ever since October when the mogul was revealed to be a sexual predator. The negative reaction forced his eponymous movie company to fire Weinstein. A number of other groups, including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, decided to follow suit and sever ties with the movie producer.

While the uproar certainly shook Hollywood’s movie industry, authorities have failed to press charges against Weinstein, as many accusations are too old prosecute.

The producer, however, has repeatedly denied via his attorneys any criminal behavior.

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