Angelina Jolie Reportedly Contacted to Take Part in a Dangerous Mission in Uganda

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Angelina Jolie’s determination to improve the world of Africa started with humanitarian efforts on this continent. Her goal climaxed with the adoption of three children of African origins. However, new documents under the International Criminal Court ownership revealed that her ambition knew no boundaries. Jolie was willing to serve as bait to lure out Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony in a dangerous mission.

ICC Documents Uncovered Details on Angelina Jolie’s Dangerous Mission

As of recently, many ICC documents leaked on the web. Some of them contained insightful details on the spy role renowned actress Angelina Jolie was ready to carry out. However, this time the proposed offer was a real-life espionage job that held numerous threatening elements.

One of the emails of former ICC Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo detailed the plot they created side by side with Angelina. They were planning a dinner event where the famous artist would have the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army as main guest. This would have been a rare window of opportunity for authorities to catch the warlord.

The astounding fact is that Angelina Jolie devised this plot by herself. On top of that, Ocampo was almost to give in to this proposal. The ICC authority wrote in his emails that Jolie would be the best decoy among celebrities for this dangerous mission.

“Forget other celebrities, she is the one. She loves to arrest Kony. She is ready. Probably Brad [Pitt] will go also.”

Ugandan Warlord Joseph Kony Was Marked as a Threat to Humanity

Joseph Kony managed to climb up within the organization of guerrilla group, Lord’s Resistance Army. Eventually, he became the leader of this community.

It first started off as a local force to cast away government suppression. Unfortunately, things escalated quickly to the point where Kony turned against his own people. He proclaimed himself as a messenger of God. This false origin gave him authority to purify the Ugandan lands.

In the end, the ICC accused Kony of humanitarian crimes. He was linked directly to child abduction for military draft and sex slavery. He also ordered 2 million Ugandans to be confined to concentration camps. While Angelina’s scheme to capture this agent of chaos didn’t come to fruition, the ICC deemed LRA as no longer a threat to Uganda.

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