Mark Zuckerberg Intends to Collaborate with Congress on Net Neutrality Protection

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At the moment, the vast world of the Internet supports all its websites and platforms equally. No online page is treated differently than others. This means that small web locations have the same rights as giant websites, except for the latter’s influence that it earned through own means. However, FCC chairman Ajit Pai showed signs of intentions to change this. Mark Zuckerberg pledged to collaborate with Congress on the regulation of net neutrality protection. However, the young CEO would fight for the idea of an equal online medium.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Determined to Keep Net Neutrality Protection Active

If Republicans succeed to alter net neutrality protection, service providers such as Verizon or AT&T will have the freedom to form Internet packages for monthly subscriptions. In the end, it is said that the Internet would look like a well-controlled environment such as TV does nowadays.

As a consequence, Mark Zuckerberg posted a Facebook statement. His message to his large community was that his social media organization would always seek support for net neutrality protection. For the moment, FCC is bound by law to respect the Internet as a free digital environment that offers equal opportunities to any entity. On top of that, the CEO stated that he is willing to work with the Congress to protect such a right.

“Net neutrality is the idea that the internet should be free and open for everyone.”

FCC Won Acceptance on Thursday to Move on Proposing Alterations for Internet Laws

Along with Facebook, there are also Google, Amazon, and Twitter as supporters of such regulations for everyone to have access to the Internet. Last Wednesday, hundreds of internet companies took part in an online protest. They agreed to post banners on their own websites that raise awareness on the doomed net neutrality laws.

However, on Thursday the Federal Communication Commission voted in favor of an initiative to alter the rules regarding the Internet. This package of laws was decided during the Obama era. This victory means that the FCC gained the power to change the online world as we know it. Even though there is a strong opposition among politicians to such a proposal, Republicans have high chances to put the World Wide Web in jeopardy.

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