Miami Beach Witnessed Shark Attack over the Weekend


Each year, there are around 70 reports of a shark biting a person. Despite this low rate, people fear the presence of sharks. This feeling is also intensified by movie industry and urban stories. On top of that, there are only three out of 489 species of sharks that are attacking without being provoked. These are tiger, bull, and great white sharks. However, last weekend there was a serious case of a shark attack. The incident happened in the waters of Miami Beach, and the culprit is reportedly a bull shark.

Officials Spotted the Shark in Time and Proceeded to Bringing Everyone to DSafety

On Saturday, authorities transported an injured beachgoer to the hospital. The person in question was the victim of the very first attack off Haulover Beach in history. Officials stated that they spotted the aquatic predator at around 3 p.m. last Saturday. The shark drew closer to the shores near Tower 16 than ever before which urged authorities to consider extreme measures of safety.

Therefore, they decided to close the beach and evacuate the waters immediately. As a consequence, authorities raised double red flags in their watch tower and drew people out of the water. However, while the operation was ongoing, Natarrio Ferguson was attacked.

After His Shark Attack, the Victim Is Out of Danger Yet He Will Avoid Beaches in the Future

The victim managed to escape the ordeal and reach the shores. However, witnesses claimed that the young man had serious injuries to both his knees. Officials determined that the victim appeared with deep gashes. Soon afterward, paramedics transported the young beachgoer to Aventura Hospital. After treating the patient, medical staff stated that he is out of any danger.

After this shark attack, Ferguson stated that he is going to consider more safety measures in the future. He might consider avoiding beaches by all means. Instead, he claimed that he would be happy to substitute his swimming passion with going to a local pool. Officials announced that the aggressive fish was a bull shark and that it left the beach and headed south.

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