Post-Sex Change Regret Is Real but We’re Not Talking About It

Depressed teenThe number of people requesting transgender reversal surgery is on the rise, but the society refuses to talk about it. One of the world’s leading genital reconstructive surgeons, Prof. Miroslav Djordjevic, told The Telegraph that more and more people have post-sex change regrets and contact him for reversal operations.

Five years ago, the professor reclled, he had the first transgender patient to regret their transitioning. A transgender woman had undergone sex-change surgery at a different facility and asked Djordjevic to reverse the procedure. Six months later, six other patients contacted the professor with a similar request.

Currently, six people applied for a detransitioning procedure at Djordjevic’s clinic, and two more are undergoing the procedure. Reconstructive surgery of male genitalia takes around a year and costs more than $20,000. Most requests come from transgender women aged 30 or older.

The professor said that it is a disaster to hear his patients’ stories. Most of them are struggling with depression or have contemplated suicide after the gender reassignment surgery.  Djordjevic, who has more than two decades of genital reconstructive surgery experience under his belt, says he has some rules patients must follow before transitioning.

Research Application Rejected by Major University

He asks them to undergo a psychiatric evaluation for one or two years and then hormonal evaluation. Patients also must come with two recommendation letters and stay in touch with the doctor after surgery “for as long as possible”.

The professor and a British researcher have recently submitted an application for research on reversal surgery to the Bath Spa University in England but they were rejected. The university’s ethics body argued that the research is ‘potentially politically incorrect’.

In Australia, a 14-year-old boy asked for a reversal of the gender reassignment therapy that was supposed to turn him into a female. The boy first took sex-change hormones at age 12 after doctors told his mother that sex-change is the only cure for his gender dysphoria.
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