Pphubbing: New Mobile Phone Habit That Hurts Your Relationship

Pphubbing: New Mobile Phone Habit That Hurts Your Relationship

Staring at your phone whilst on a date with your significant other can do no good, a new survey suggests.

Some people may think that giving their phone a quick look every now and again is not a big deal, Meredith David, an assistant professor of marketing at Baylor University in Texas, stated.

According to David, when one of two people who are on a date is constantly interrupting the other person because they are distracted by their phone, it leads to their partner being less satisfied in the relationship.

In the new study, the researchers questioned the participants on their pphubbing tendencies, or ‘phubing’ but in a romantic context. Pphubbing occurs when one person is neglecting their significant other by constantly looking at their mobile phone.

Researchers gave more than 300 participants a survey that consisted of two separate questionnaires. In the first one, the participants were asked to give examples of activities that they consider to be pphubbing.

The most popular examples were: looking briefly at your phone while your significant other is talking to you, keeping your phone on the table, of wherever you can easily see it, holding your phone in your hand during the date, looking at your phone whenever there is a pause in the conversation, and so on.

In the second survey, 145 participants, who were all involved in romantic relationships, were asked to evaluate how happy they were with their relationship. They were also asked whether any conflicts with their partners ever stemmed from too much mobile phone use.

The results of the study showed that almost 50 percent of the participants had been pphubbed at one point in their relationship, and that approximately 25 percent of them had conflicts with their significant other because of pphubbing.

Researchers also found that people reacted differently to being pphubbed. The people who were more anxious in a relationship, had increased levels of conflicts that occurred because of their partners’ habits of pphubbing.

David believes that people should be more aware of how much time they spend on their phones, in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts with their partners and to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

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