Under This T-Mobile Plan, Seniors Can Buy Two Lines for $60/Month

T-Mobile Store in mallT-Mobile is well-known for focusing on younger generations with offers that give them high-quality video streaming without data caps, free things every Tuesday, and much more. However, the carrier now wants to switch focus to boomers, whom the company’s CEO John Legere described as the “most loyal long-term wireless customers in the world.”

T-Mobile’s plan called ONE Unlimited 55+ targets seniors aged 55 or older with quite an interesting deal.

In an ad video, Legere notes wireless careers often belittle seniors and offer them plans that lack any vigor. For example, AT&T’s Senior Nation plan gives them no data, 500 night and weekend minutes and 200 minutes they can use anytime. Such offers remind us of the offers for landlines in the late 90s. What’s more, carriers surcharge seniors when they want to abandon a line, but T-Mobile plans to fix that.

T-Mobile’s New Plan

The new plan doesn’t come with extra incentives for boomers, but it gives a nice price cut. The standard line for non-seniors costs $70/month, while the one for seniors will now cost just $50/month.

But the real bonus comes when you have two lines. Under the ONE Unlimited 55+, seniors will have to shell out only $60/month. Since a single line is $70/month, having two lines for the price of one minus $10 is a very nice deal. T-Mobile even said that younger users will be enticed to get a fake ID to access the offer.

Joking aside, if you qualify for the ONE Unlimited 55+ plan or know a loved one that could enroll, you should know T-Mobil plans roll out the plan on August 9, 2017. You will be able to access the offer online, over the phone, or in local T-Mobile stores.

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