Trump Impels China to up to 81% Aluminum Foil Taxes

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The Trump administration has recently ordered a new duty for the second largest economy in the world, China. The additional aluminum foil taxes come from the anti-dumping category that concerns Chinese imports. The decision came after previous findings concluded that these assets were heavily subsidized.

The New Aluminum Foil Taxes Will Range in Value for Each Manufacturer

On Tuesday, the U.S. Commerce Department announced extra taxes for Chinese imports of aluminum foil. The tariff can range between 16.5% and 81%. The factor that will decide the right value is the subsidies the Chinese government allots to its companies. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross claimed that such practices are not based on fair play and are harming national businesses, industries, and workers.

“The United States is committed to free, fair and reciprocal trade, and will continue to validate the information provided to us that brought us to this decision.”

The Aluminum Association in the United States was among the first organizations that applauded this decision. This lobby group that activates in the name of aluminum manufacturers in America has long been categorizing the subsidies coming from the Chinese government as unfair trade practices.

It was this organization that filed a complaint in this respect. Their claims were brought to the attention of the U.S. government which started the investigation. On the other hand, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce didn’t comment on this event.

Trump Administration Launched another Investigation on How Harmful Foreign Shipments are to the U.S. National Security

There is another collateral investigation which remained independent from this issue. The Trump administration ordered in April a research on how harmful aluminum shipments from foreign countries are to the U.S. national security.

According to the Commerce Department, Chinese imports of aluminum foil were valued at a total of $389 million in 2016. The CEO of the Aluminum Association, Heidi Brock, stated that U.S. producers stand no chance of success in front of such Chinese practices. That’s because the Chinese subsidies enable manufacturers to introduce their products to the market with the lowest prices.

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