Tufts Medical Center Faced Nurses Strike Due to Disappointing Financial Conditions

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Members of the Massachusetts Nurses Association left their jobs at the Tufts Medical Center to join an organized strike at around 7 a.m. This was the first such event in 31 years that happened within a main hospital in Boston.

Tufts Medical Center Unlocked All Necessary Resources to Make the Institution Work as Usual Despite Nurses Strike

The union that activates on behalf of nurses staff has been negotiating with the leaders of the institution ever since April 2016. However, there was no final settlement that would comfort the requests of the medical members. As there were also no signs of a happy ending in sight, the Union decided to show its determination for better conditions through a one-day strike on Wednesday.

On the other hand, managers of the Tufts Medical Center mitigated this situation with their patients in mind. Therefore, they managed to find replacements for nurses for even four days. On top of that, they assured their patients that there would be no case of a missed appointment with a doctor or nurse.

The temporary positions amounted to 320 which was necessary to make up for the absence of nurses. Moreover, the hospital had the necessary staffers to execute 50 surgeries in one day. The president and CEO at Tufts, Dr. Michael Wagner, claimed that the institution works at full capacity and can offer full medical support despite the strike.

“But make no mistake, we will continue to provide exceptional patient care.’’

The Union Intends to Obtain a Risky Solution to Nurses’ Financial Difficulties

On Tuesday night, union representatives and the hospital’s managers experienced a conflict which put an end to their negotiations. The union announced a one-day strike. As a consequence, the hospital escorted all its nurses out of the building at 7 a.m. when their final shift ended. However, not all members were willing to comply.

The strike is a sign of protest regarding nurses’ pension plan. However, union’s demands for a solution might not work out well for anybody. Its members proposed a transition of retirement savings to what seems to be a risky pension fund.

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