20 Kilometers High Building Planned


20 Kilometers High Building Planned

Canadian Company Thoth Technology, is set to build a 20 kilometers high building, which will be a tremendous architectural and most importantly scientific breakthrough.

While the building would have a great many uses, the most important one of these would be that it would facilitate space travel, because it would eliminate an entire stage of the launch process.

“Normally on a rocket launcher you would launch vertically for a while and then you expel those stages of the propellant and those will fall back down to the ocean, and then you continue on.” explains Ian Tomaszewski, space systems specialist at Thoth.

However, if the ship is launched form the 20-kilometer tall platform, this stage could be eliminated completely and the ship could therefore go into space in one single stage.

This is particularly valuable because it can reduce the amount of fuel that is necessary for the launch by 30%, which would make space travel far more accessible.

Tomaszewski also mentioned that Thoth is looking to get its patent for the 20 kilometer launch tower licensed by a several space travel giants, such as Google/Alphabet and Space X and they even hope to manage to license it with the European Space Agency, so that it could be the launch site for as many ships as possible.

Aside from the enormous potential that the Thoth Technologies building has in the space travel industry, it could also be used for a variety of other reasons, such as tourism.

Considering that the tallest building in the world at the moment, the Burj Khalifa from Dubai stands only 829.8 meters or 2,722 feet tall, building one that would be 20,000 meters or 65616.8 feet high is clearly going to bring in tourists from all over the world. 

Ian Tomaszewski pointed out that the view from the top of such a tall building would offer a 1,000 kilometers wide view in any given direction, which would be a unique sight on Earth. 

Furthermore, the building could also have great use for the communications industry, as it could significantly reduce the difficulties associated with reaching satellites.

Thoth Technology intends to build its remarkable building in three to five years, so the 20 kilometer building will become reality in the near future.
Image Source: inhabitat

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