Add Events to Google Calendar with Your Amazon Echo

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Amazon Echo has quickly gathered some serious followship, and if you own one, you will love the new feature the company has added to the device.

Do you need a new way to organize your days and weeks? If you feel like your smartphone is outdated and that the Echo would be a better planner, Amazon has enabled it to add items to your Google Calendar.

All you need to do is ask Alexa, the voice assistant, to help you out. The Amazon Echo has become a valuable addition to the smart home world, highlighting a new era of home assistants.

Moreover, the device is also gradually opening up to support other ecosystems, which means users can connect the Echo to a range of other services, like Nest and now Google Calendar.

If you’re interested in the new feature, all you have to do is access the settings section of the accompanying Alexa app and tap on the “calendar” button. Amazon has included on-screen instructions for any additional steps.

If you haven’t already, the process requires you to link your Google account to the Alexa app. It’s also noteworthy to mention that the Echo has been supporting a form of Google Calendar for a while now – such as the ability to read back items from your calendar.

However, Alexa could not add items to that calendar – that is, until now. Sure, it might seem like the feature benefits the extremely lazy, seeing that your iPhone or Android device can also respond to voice commands to add items to your calendar.

But for all those occasions when your phone is in the other room and you need to set up a lunch with a business associate the next day – the new Echo feature is there to have your back.

Amazon has been working on improving the Echo with a number of recent updates to Alexa, aiming to improve the Echo’s interaction with other smart home devices. Last month, the company updated the Echo to be able to control the Nest smart home thermostat.

Before that, the Echo was also tweaked to start supporting Lutron’s connected lighting system, allowing its users to have full control of a room’s atmosphere.

Is Amazon stepping on Google’s toes with this latest update? Maybe, but Google is preparing to strike back; rumor has it the search giant is working on its own Echo competitor.
Image Source: CNET

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