Anti-Deforestation Measures are not enough

aerial view of the Amazon

The anti-deforestation measures are not enough to protect the environment.

Published in one of the most important scientific journals, “Nature”, a new study warns that the efforts to preserve the existing tropical forest species will not succeed unless people mange to control all the risks to which these ecosystems are exposed. According to this survey, the anti-deforestation measures are not enough to protect the environment.

The other factor risks include forest fragmentation, logging and wildfires.

The study, led by specialists from Lancaster University, focused on measuring the overall influence of the human activity on 460 bird species, 1538 tree species and 156 dung-beetle species in the Brazilian Amazon.

It is important to mention that the area on which the study is focused is six times bigger than the United Kingdom`s total surface.

In order to accomplish these results, 18 research institutions compared the data they gathered about the loss of species caused by humans` destructive interventions with those resulted from habitat loss due to deforestation.

According to the results, the effects of forest disturbances are as dangerous to biodiversity as deforestation itself. Moreover, experts added that the combined results of all human disturbances represent a loss of almost 139,000 square meters (an area equivalent to the size of Florida).

If most governmental policies to protect the tropical forests focus on anti-deforestation measures, this study points out that human disturbances may be equally damaging for the ecosystem.

Furthermore, this initiative wants to draw attention to the fact that national governments need to take a look at the bigger picture and realize that current policies are not enough to ensure an effective conservation of the tropical forests.

Researchers stressed the importance of taking into account not only the surface covered by a forest but also its health. National and international conservation strategies should take into account the information revealed by this paper and incorporate it.

The experts added that the most affected species are those that are already facing an almost imminent threat of extinction. Considering the fact that the area on which they focused represents a natural habitat for more than 10 percent of the planet`s bird species, the usage of only anti-deforestation measures will only slow down a bit a dangerous and irreversible process. With the loss of tropical biodiversity at stake, the experts urge all governments to implement appropriate conservation strategies.

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