Apple Is Eyeing Virginia as a Potential Location for Its New Facilities

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Virginia might host the new Apple facilities

Apple is planning to open new facilities on the US territory, as it has already prepared $30 billion to create 20,000 new jobs. However, it first needs to decide on a location for these facilities, and we might have just got a hint on that. While these are only rumors, it might seem that Virginia has made the list.

Apple is planning to create 20,000 new jobs

Apple is on a roll of building and founding new facilities where it can manufacture its products. This is a great initiative, as it’s beneficial not only for the tech industry. The plan is to produce as much as 20,000 new openings for jobs, so it’s great news for the economy.

So far, the company hasn’t announced any official location of these future facilities. However, it seems it’s really considering Virginia. The state is quite popular for such buildings, as Amazon appears as another big tech company that thought of opening its headquarters there.

Virginia seems to be Apple’s choice for the new facilities

More precisely, Apple appears to be looking at an area in the north of Virginia. There, it wants to build a campus that should measure 4 million square feet. This campus should bring together 20,000 people that will work in offices, but there might be some manufacturing spaces as well. However, Apple still remains quite secretive about it.

Even if the company hasn’t confirmed yet, some conversations between it and the Virginia governor have surfaced. Ralph Northam, the governor, apparently has offered several areas that would be available for Apple to start the building. The areas aren’t as vast as you would expect, as they measure about half of what Amazon is planning to use.

It seems that tech companies are trying to get as close to Washington as possible. Therefore, they have chosen Virginia as an ideal place for new headquarters, as it’s close enough to pay attention to whatever is happening in the capital.

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