Did Buzz Aldrin See a UFO While Traveling to the Moon? No, He Says

Buzz Aldrin giving a speech

Although Aldrin claims what he saw wasn’t a UFO, the media and some scientists contradict him

This weekend, some sensational news surfaced on the internet suggesting that Buzz Aldrin and his colleagues spotted a UFO while traveling to the moon. Of course, this story quickly became a popular topic all over the internet, and everyone was curious of the truth. However, it turns out what the astronauts saw wasn’t actually a UFO.

Aldrin saw a strange light while traveling to the moon

This story was based on a Buzz Aldrin quote from a 2000s documentary, First on the Moon: The Untold Story. The film discussed the Apollo 11 mission, and Aldrin’s trip to the moon, when he saw something strange. This quickly degenerated into speculations and exclusive news that the astronaut had actually witnessed a UFO.

However, he doesn’t make such statements. Aldrin addressed the problem numerous times, and denied the claims that what he had seen was a UFO. Indeed, he spotted a weird light moving around his shuttle while flying to the moon. However, he said he was convinced the light came from a reflection of sunrays on a rocket that split from the moon lander.

There are plenty of heated debates on this matter

Technically, this light might enter the UFO category. The UFO abbreviation comes from “unidentified flying object”, and the light Aldrin saw was unidentified. However, he is more than convinced that it wasn’t aliens the one that caused this light.

He was not the only one who debunked this alien theory. Other astronauts and scientists supported Aldrin in his claim, such as Phil Plait, also known as the Bad Astronomer, and David Morrison from NASA. This didn’t stop tabloids and other news sources to keep commenting the issue.

It turns out the scientists at the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology from Albany, Ohio, used a lie detector on a recording of Aldrin. While some blamed the institute for encouraging pseudoscience, the matter still remains unclear. Even if these scientists are actually dealing with real science, putting a recording to a lie detector is definitely not foolproof.

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