Two Seniors in California Fell Victims to Record Heat Wave


Authorities described the recent high temperatures that besieged the state of California as a record-breaking phenomenon in the last decade. This devastating heat wave is not only pressuring the power grid from these parts, but it also interferes with the health conditions of the citizens. As of recently, two seniors succumbed to death because of sudden complications derived from these high temperatures.

Two Seniors Died in San Jose of Hypothermia on Monday

The National Weather Service posted warnings related to extreme heat that concern most of the Bay Area. On Wednesday, thermometers showed 91 degrees in San Jose and even 103 in Livermore. The record heat wave is expected only to go upwards this week. Livermore is the hearth of this phenomenon where temperatures can reach even 107 degrees.

On Wednesday, Santa Clara County authorities announced the demise of two senior citizens, an 87-year-old woman and a 72-year-old man from San Jose. Reports indicated that the fatal agents derived from the heat.

Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office, Dr. Michelle Jorden, stated that almost all fatal hypothermia cases could have been prevented with simple steps. This condition can take place the moment the body system that is in charge with heat regulation can’t keep up with the external heat anymore. This condition can happen to anyone, no matter the age.

People Can Overcome Record Heat Wave Through Simple Measures

People can avoid the health damages of heat by choosing only shady spots, consume plenty of water, and even opt for a cool shower when the temperatures become uncomfortable. All these actions can prevent hypothermia.

The last time California faced such a critical situation was the summer of 2006. This was when the heat wave was so unbearable that it took 100 lives in California. Most of the deceased were elderly citizens, yet not entirely.

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