CEO Approves Employee’s Request for Taking Days off for Her Mental Health


It has been only some years since the medical world started to recognize and categorize mental disorders. Since then, mental health has been elevated to the importance of people’s physical health. This concept is starting to catch up with all kinds of people. Therefore, a CEO of a company managed to understand one of his employees and accepted a request that would have sounded all wrong years ago.

Parker’s Story Sparked Online Debates about Mental Health Being a Valid Reason for Sick Days or Not

Software developer Madalyn Parker got her five minutes of celebrity throughout the online world. The reason for this was an honest request that she emailed to her work colleagues. The text revealed that she intends to take a couple of days off. She explained that she would use this spare time to work on her mental health. However, not only her colleagues but the CEO of her company responded as well. Surprisingly, his answer endorsed her wish.

Parker posted the response of her boss on Twitter. As a result, her story became viral. Not only that, but her situation created a new international topic of discussion. This subject regards whether or not a person with a mental issue should actually stay at home.

Olark CEO Wants This Practice to Become Standard for All Businesses

The story surprises how Parker asked for a short break to attend to her mental health. She confessed she suffers from depression, chronic anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Therefore, she announced her colleagues that she needs two free work days to catch up with her symptoms. To her view, this short break would be of benefit for both her and her work.

“Hey Madalyn, I just wanted to personally thank you for sending emails like this.”

The CEO of Olark, Ben Congleton, replied to this email with an open minded approach. He thanked his employee for her honesty. In the end, he stated that he wished for the entire labor market to acknowledge mental issues as a valid reason to ask for sick days.

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