Cinnamon: Another Reason Why it’s a Superfood (Study)

Stacks of cinnamon

Scientists have discovered that cinnamon can be effective in burning fat.

Researchers have concluded that cinnamon, or better yet the oil found in cinnamon, can speed up weight loss.

A study published in the journal Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental shows that the core compound of cinnamon, called cinnamaldehyde, is able to burn fat in humans. Cinnamon is already popular enough, having been confirmed by previous studies to reduce the risk of diabetes, lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease and cancer, and even relieve symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers discovered a while back that cinnamon had the capacity to burn fat from lab tests with mice. The new research, conducted at the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute, now shows it has similar effects on humans.

The team of researchers, led by professor Jun Wu, took human fat cells, called adipocytes, from people that had different ages, ethnicities, and body mass indexes. The adipocytes were treated with cinnamaldehyde and this triggered the process of thermogenesis. This is when cells start to burn energy.

The researchers noted how storing fat in the adipocytes was useful to our ancestors, who didn’t have such a high variety of high-fat foods. It made sense, then, for them to need to store fat in the body for winter or other trying events.

“It’s only been relatively recently that energy surplus has become a problem. Throughout evolution, the opposite- energy deficiency- has been the problem. “Wu told Michigan News.

She also states that further studies are needed in order to determine how we can efficiently use cinnamaldehyde’s benefits without causing adverse side effects.

Cinnamaldehyde is the organic compound responsible for the cinnamon’s flavor and smell. It’s most commonly used to flavor chewing gum, candy, drinks and even perfumes. Cinnamaldehyde is also a very good natural fungicide and insecticide.

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