Condom Snorting Is the Latest Dangerous Social Media Challenge

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Condom snorting puts up a huge choking hazard

Nowadays, it’s really common for teenagers to take part in crazy challenges that often put their life in danger. After the Tide pod craze has slowly died out, another wacky social media challenge came to take its place: condom snorting. This trend is not a new one, but it’s making a comeback and everyone should be aware of it.

What is the condom snorting challenge?

Condom snorting isn’t only unhygienic and gross, but it also comes with dozens of risks. The challenge consists of taking a condom out of its wrapper and snorting it through one nostril completely until it falls in one’s mouth. This presents a huge risk of choking, as the condom might get stuck on the way and prevent the person from breathing.

However, this is not all. Condoms contain plenty of substances and chemicals that can hurt your nose. In fact, whatever solid objects that touches your nasal tissue can damage it. Apart from blocking the airways, you might suffer a severe allergic reaction to the respective substance, or develop an infection. Therefore, parents and teachers should look out for this dangerous trend of condom snorting.

Parents should know about the dangerous social media trends

Recently, teens have started trying all kinds of crazy challenges that put their health in danger. This is why parents should be prepared for everything, and know what risks their children are putting through. Some of them decided to do something to stop these challenges.

Stephen Enriquez is a specialist in education problems from San Antonio, Texas, and has decided to hold a special lecture for parents. At this lecture, he informs the parents on all the existent social media trends that are so popular among teens. This includes condom snorting, the Tide pod challenge, and other destructive behaviors. He thinks that knowing the problem will allow parents to help their kids by telling them how dangerous these behaviors are.

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