Dark Skies Are Becoming A Rare Setting, Due To Light Pollution

Dark Skies Are Becoming A Rare Setting, Due To Light Pollution

As society gets more and more evolved, we gain a wide range of state of the art technology. We now have smartphones and smartwatches that we can use in our smart homes, in this modern high tech community. However, the more we gain on one side of things, the more we lose on others.

And the saddest part is that we always notice the things that we’ve lost once they’re one foot out the door or gone entirely. This is the case of darkness, of the dark skies filled with stars, that used to be nature’s version on prime time entertainment.

Dark skies are something that few people have noticed is disappearing, and here we are at the point where one third of Americans only can still see the Milky Way from their homes, which is an extremely low quota.

Big cities are riddled with massive light sources and the more artificial light we project, the less we get to see stars in the sky. And unfortunately, this has more than an abstract effect on just how romantic the skies remain at this point.

This affects all of the creatures that depend on light to survive, ranging from plants, for which light is vital, to small creatures of the world which need the proper amount of light in order to develop properly and express their vital instincts and all the way to people, who need light as well in order to stay healthy.

The one positive aspect about this type of pollution is the fact that it is reversible, which means that it is still up to us to improve this matter, and that we actually stand a fair chance to do so.

The first measures are being taken in natural parks, where dark skies are still something that people can go and enjoy. But it is precisely because this is a natural beauty that should be preserved that tourists are advised to minimize the use of light on the park premises.

Parks such as the Acadia Natural Park in Maine and the Chaco Culture National Historical Park from New Mexico are taking a stand against light pollution and they are introducing a set of regulations that can help visitors to keep their flashlights, headlights and other light sources at a minimum use.

Acadia Natural Park is actually organizing the Night Skies Festival, which is a amazing event where participants are taught about what they can do to help preserve the natural beauty of the night.
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