Dota 2 Releases The Underhollow, a Battle Royale-Like Quest for Cheese

Doombringer character in Dota 2

The Underhollow is basically a quest for cheese with many battle royale similarities

If you own a 2018 International Battle Pass for Dota 2, we have some surprises for you. This pass will grant you access to a whole new mode called The Underhollow where teams of three players each will fight each other for cheese. While the main idea sounds like a lot of fun, it also seems to imitate the popular battle royale modes that have taken the world by storm.

The Underhollow mode is extremely battle royale-like

The description on the website of the Battle Pass presents The Underhollow just like a battle royale game. You and your team need to pass labyrinths and fight with marvelous creatures, but also with the other opposing teams. The main goal of the mode is to find an extremely rare cheese. However, all teams are fighting against each other, and you should be the last one that survives.

To gain power against your enemies, you’ll need to earn plenty of XP and other exclusive prizes. However, don’t forget about the cheese, as capturing it will be the only thing that will bring you victory. While this element is not really typical of a battle royale game, the idea of defeating all the other teams highlights a clear inspiration from this popular mode.

The Battle Pass has many other treats for Dota 2 players

We have to admit that a combination between Dota 2 and a battle royale mode can be a winning bid. Dota 2 has been a top game for a long time, while the game mode is the latest overnight sensation. Therefore, bringing these two together cannot be anything else but a successful combination.

If you’re not into battle royale games, the Battle Pass has other surprises for you. You will get to play a few other modes, including Mutation and Cavern Crawl, but you’ll get exclusive content as well. The Emerald Abyss, for instance, is a special terrain that will never get on the Marketplace. However, even getting The Underhollow was more than enough for the most avid gaming enthusiasts.

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