Dwindling Demographics May Lead to Paid Sex Breaks

swedish town Övertorneå

A Swedish councilman proposed that all municipality’s workers enjoy a paid break for sexy time with their life partners.

While the rest of Europe is still trying to figure out if remote workers are a valuable asset for companies or not, Sweden is proposing a new kind of paid break. This time the debated plan regards quality time among couples and encouraging them to a higher sexual activity that could solve the low demographics. The country is worldwide known for its vote of confidence when it comes to the idea of family. Swedish employees are already benefiting some of the longest paid parental and maternal leaves in today’s world.

Per-Erik Muskos is a councilman from Övertorneå, a small town in Sweden. He has recently announced that he is considering giving the 550 employees that work for the municipality a new type of paid time. This time, the paid break can be used for sexy moments only together with their partners. Muskos explained his peculiar intention as the influence of recent research. According to the studies the councilman referred to, sex is a healthy activity that can strengthen all relationships. To his opinion, couples don’t spend enough time together.

Over the past decades, Sweden has been facing the severe consequences of a low fertility rate as well as other developed countries did. In 2014, the World Bank data showed that Swedish women had an average of 1.9 children. In comparison, back in 1960, the rate was at 2.2 children per woman. Övertorneå is a good example of this concerning situation. Collected municipality data revealed a drastic drop in population. In 2005, there were 5,229 inhabitants, while in 2015 the number shrunk to 4,711.

The new plan might not be as intrusive as it seems. On the contrary, the sex break could be implemented as an appendage to an already existent paid hour that workers can spend on fitness and exercise. Each week, employees can take advantage of one paid hour to hit the gym or engage in other types of physical exercises. The Swedish councilman proposed an extension of the purpose of this paid hour to include sexy time for couples. This implies that employees will be allowed to go home and enjoy their time with their life partners. Officials have no reason to revoke this proposal which mean that the paid sex break can become a reality.

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