Smokers Should Consider E-cigarettes As A Healthier Substitute, UK Health Experts Suggest

UK health experts urge hospitals to introduce e-cigarette products in their shops.

Cigarettes should be thrown to the curve and replaced with vaping devices or e-cigarettes, British health experts said on Tuesday. These substitutes pose only a fraction of the health risk of tobacco smoking.

A report conducted by the government-sponsored authority, Public Health England, states that e-cigarettes could already be helping about 20 thousand UK smokers a year quit tobacco.

More so, the health experts pointed to the public’s lack of awareness regarding the full scope of smoking cigarettes. According to them, fewer than 10 percent of adults understood that the harms associated with smoking are not triggered by nicotine.

There is also not enough evidence to establish e-cigarettes as a gateway into tobacco smoking among young people.

“Our new review reinforces that vaping is a fraction of the risk of smoking, at least 95 percent less harmful, and of negligible risk to bystanders,” said John Newton, a professor and director for health improvement at PHE.

The report summarised data from hundreds of scientific studies that showed e-cigarettes to be far safer than their tobacco counterpart.

PHE urged smoker and health authorities alike to act now on the evidence presented in the report.

The report acknowledged the difficulty that comes with quitting cigarettes noting people who have managed to kick the habit by coupling e-cigarette smoking with support from “a local stop smoking service.”

British health officials have also called on Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) to make e-cigarette products available in hospital shops as well as introducing vaping areas within the facilities.

Health organizations such as the UK campaign group, Action on Smoking Health, lauded the report, saying that it adds weight to the growing scientific consensus that e-cigarettes are healthier than tobacco. They hope that the reports will encourage at least 40 percent of smokers who have tried countless times to quit smoking to switch to vaping instead.

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