EA Gives Harsh Response to Critiques on the Inclusion of Women in Battlefield V

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EA sent a harsh message to all players who didn’t agree with women in Battlefield V

The latest Battlefield V trailer sparked plenty of reactions on the internet due to its inclusion of female characters. Plenty of gamers protested against the presence of women in a game about World War II by using the hashtag #NotMyBattlefield. However, the developer EA remained unmoved to the protests, giving a harsh response to these people.

Players protested at women in Battlefield V

The Battlefield series has always been about war, with Battlefield V depicting World War II. Keeping this in mind, many players were surprised to discover several women soldiers in the trailer. EA sought to promote diversity in the new game, but this had a different effect than the intended one.

Most of them thought this wasn’t historically accurate, since there weren’t any women soldiers who fought in World War II. Actually, there might have been a few, but none of them was an official part of the military military force. Therefore, these players decided to protest against EA’s attempt at diversity with the hashtag #NotMyBattlefield.

EA wasn’t moved by the players’ attempt to protest

However, none of the developers was impressed by this. Patrick Söderlund, the EA chief creative officer, said they wanted to make the gaming environment more diverse. Also, he gave a harsh response to the protesting players, saying they should either accept the game as it is or simply not buy it.

Others didn’t expect to see such harsh reactions to women in Battlefield V. Designer Lars Gustavsson, for instance, declared himself shocked at the situation. He said he had heard so many people ask for women in Battlefield V, so he thought EA would receive support for this diversity attempt.

EA blamed these outraged players for missing the whole point of the situation. Women played different roles in World War II, so the whole action of the game is really plausible. Also, they shouldn’t take things so seriously. After all, Battlefield V is only a game, so it can exhibit any kind of scenario it likes.

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