Enovation Brands, Inc. Launches Farmers Of Wine

Enovation Brands, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Farmers of Wine to its Italian wine portfolio. More than wine, Farmers of Wine is a project created by Enoitalia SpA, the 2nd largest volume winery in Italy, in partnership with authentic Italian wine farmers who continue to employ traditional growing methods in a modern wine industry.

“We are extremely proud of this project which is rooted in traditional Italian viticulture,” said Alberto Pecora, Enovation Brands, Inc. President. “Farmers of Wine will give consumers the opportunity to experience authentic Italian wine crafted from grapes grown by these distinctive farmers.”

Farmers of Wine tells a story written not by, but in the hands of our farmers. Their hands collaborate with the vines to weave a story of family, tradition and the land they know and love. The vineyards are their homes and they take pride in being true to family traditions which have been handed down from generation to generation. These traditions existed long before agricultural certifications (such as organic) or wine appellations (DOC, DOCG) were created. The unique character of each farmer is reflected in their vineyard and the grapes harvested from the vines. Viticulture is their passion and their passion is manifest in every bottle of Farmers of Wine. This is the wine you will find on their tables, no other.

Farmers of Wine authentic Italian Red Blend is a blend of Negroamaro and Zinfandel (known as Primitivo in Italy) from Salento in Puglia. Located between two seas in southern Italy, Salento is a region rich in history and culture. Here the families of our farmers have used the iconic alberello, meaning “little tree”, trellis to cultivate these native varietals for over 2,000 years. This ancient method ensures the vines yield fruit of the highest quality in the hot, sunny Mediterranean climate.

With a deep, ruby red color Farmers of Wine Italian Red Blend displays intense, bright aromas and a fruity, flowery bouquet. The wine is fat and jammy with a mouth filling character and well balanced sweetness and acidity.

The Farmers of Wine bottle is as distinctive as the wine inside. A natural paper wrapper envelopes the bottle and communicates the brand message. Priced at $14.99 per 750ml, Farmers of Wine will be available nationwide starting October 2014.

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