Essential Phone Is $200 Cheaper, Customers to Get Credit Back


Android Founder Andy Rubin returned to the tech world with a new mission in mind. His goal was to create the Essential Phone that comes with no shackles for clients. The incorporated technology offers only cutting-edge innovations while the hardware itself cut all cords.

However, the initial price seemed too steep even for a high-end smartphone. Therefore, the company agreed to take the price down to $499. Those who already bought the product will get the credit back in a certain way.

Essential Representatives Claimed Competitive Edge to Justify the Price Drop

Essential enjoyed the notoriety of its creator, Andy Rubin, to squeeze in within an overcrowded market. While Apple and Samsung are focused entirely on each other for the first spot, Rubin’s product stepped in as a new threat to them.

However, the Essential team claimed that they need an even better edge to consolidate their position in this industry. Their solution was to cut down on the price for their smartphone by $200. On the other hand, others speculate that the true intent behind this pretext is to shake off some disappointing initial sales.

No matter the reasons, consumers have just gained access to one of the best products on the market. The phone presents an excellent price-performance ratio.

However, its value suffered due to various faults with the detachable camera. Nonetheless, the hardware received numerous software upgrades by now that made it a fast and reliable asset. More upgrades are to come in the future for a better experience for customers.

Owners of the Essential Phone Can Spend Their Refunds on Essential Products Only

However, those who have already invested their budget in this new promising smartphone will get the difference back. On the other hand, the refund will be in the form of a ‘friends and family’ credit card.

People will be able to access these funds only to buy Essential products for themselves or loved ones. The redeem needs customers’ IMEI and serial numbers of their phones, and their email address as well.

While Samsung and Apple are becoming more aggressive in their price tag strategies, the Essential Phone opts for affordability to lure in more customers. Therefore, it became a budget-friendly high-end gadget.

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