Facebook’s Messenger App Is The Second Most Popular App On The Market

Facebook's Messenger App Is The Second Most Popular App On The Market

According to the latest listings, Facebook’s Messener App is the second most popular app on the market after it managed to dethrone Google’s YouTube from the no.2 spot.

It seems that the effort that Facebook has invested in its Messenger app is finally paying off, as it has managed to meet one of the most important targets that were set for it to being with, surpassing Google on the market.

ComScore, a major digital media analytics firm has released a list of the 15 most popular apps out there and while it was no surprise that Facebook and Google dominated the entire list, it did reveal a major breakthrough for Facebook, whose Messenger App surpassed Google owned YouTube on the market for July 2015.

Facebook has adopted a pretty aggressive advertising campaign for Messenger, when it basically obligated Facebook App users to install the Messenger app in order to exchange private messages with one another.

This decision was met with great criticism initially, but from the looks of it, the Social Network has managed to convince its users that it was all worth their time, as the app was upgraded time and time again following its release, up to the point where it earned its standalone app status through the impressive set of useful features that it provides.

Furthermore, the app is that more interesting when it is paired with the Facebook app. And it seems that most users actually do so, as the original Facebook app is still no.1 on the list.

Facebook Inc. has devised a close connection between its top apps, that enable people to connect when playing games and having fun on the no.1 social media platform.

What was rather odd about this ComScore list was that WhatsApp did not make the cut, especially now when it is having one of its best moments, as it has managed to reach the amazing quota of 900 million monthly active users.

As for Google, while having YouTube fall to third place is clearly not something they were expecting, considering their breezy take on the Facebook videos threat, they are still dominating the top ten apps list, with solid contenders such as YouTube and veterans Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps and Google Play.

The Facebook- Google war goes on and on, and as the two social media giants are constantly trying to surpass each other, the users get to benefit from better and better services every day.
Image Source: siliconangle

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