Flat-Earther Postpones Launch of His Homemade Rocket Due to Federal Intervention

Shot of both land and water, suddenly ending beyond the horizon

Flat-Earther, “Mad” Mike Hughes, won’t be launching his homemade rocket yet.

The man who wants to prove the Earth is flat by launching himself in a homemade rocket has postponed his plans. “Mad” Mike Hughes, a limousine driver and flat-Earther extraordinaire announced last week he would launch himself approximately two thousand feet in the air in a rocket engineered by him.

While the launch was due Saturday in Amboy, California, the would-be rocket scientist, announced via Youtube that the Bureau of Land Management has blocked his launch. Hughes did not have federal permission to take off from public land, however, the man implied he would change the location.

Hughes stated in his announcement that the BLM left the matter of his homemade rocket to the Federal Aviation Administration, which he knew they wouldn’t officially approve it. The limousine driver said the FAA was aware he was going to do it regardless.

BLM intervened after they heard about the public attention Hughes was getting and took the case more seriously.

“Someone from our local office reached out to him after seeing some of these news articles (about the launch), because that was news to them,” said a spokeswoman for the BLM.

She told news sources that Hughes didn’t apply to the agency’s field office for the required permit.

The 61-year-old limo driver has stated that he doesn’t believe in science, at least not in the traditional sense. While he refers to himself as a self-taught scientist, Hughes said that building rockets are not based on science but on a formula.

“I know about aerodynamics and fluid dynamics and how things move through the air, about the certain size of rocket nozzles…There’s no difference between science and science fiction.” He said.

Hughes said he became a flat-Earther after doing research on the subject for several months and now he is convinced that the long-standing notion of Earth’s shape being round is false.

Image Source: MaxPixel

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