Game of Thrones Kills the Witty Queen of Thorns but on Her Own Terms

olenna tyrell

The third episode of the penultimate season of Game of Thrones offered viewers an unexpected gift. They got to find out the identity of the murderer of the most intolerable king, Joffrey Baratheon during the Purple Wedding. As Jaime Lannister witness how the witty Queen of Thorns, Olenna Tyrell, engulfs the poison without any sign of concern or repentance, he ends up being more shaken than the dying old woman.

Witty Queen of Thorns Wins in Death Thanks to Her Intelligence

In a strategic move, Ser Jaime Lannister leads his army where he wasn’t expected, the House Tyrell. As this house was better known for its craft in raising roses than protecting a citadel, the episode skips the brisk battle and introduces the public behind the curtains of the war. This moment captures Olenna Tyrell’s last words that she had with Jamie. Even though this scene brought her death, the end crowned the witty queen as the winner while Jamie storms out of the chamber in anger.

Olenna Tyrell has been winning in life through her intelligence and political influence and schemes. This slew of abilities made her one of the most appreciated characters in this fictional universe. On top of that, the same sharp wit helped her win in death as well. Viewers never had for one second the feeling that she has ever lost the battle, despite the fact that she swallowed the poison.

Upon her death, Olenna admitted that she was the killer of Jamie and Cersei’s son, Joffrey. The young yet ruthless king died asphyxiated in his own blood and vomit which the poison painted in purple. However, realizing the end is near, Joffrey pointed out to his presumed killer, uncle Tyrion. This was the last drop for the black sheep of House Lannister which urged him to escape and offer himself as a gift to the Mother of Dragons.

Olenna Tyrell Had Help from Littlefinger and Ser Dontos Hollard in Killing Joffrey Baratheon

However, the scheme behind this horrid event was revealed earlier in season four. In actuality, Olenna had a lot of help from Littlefinger and Ser Dontos Hollard who was afterward murdered. His part was to win Sansa’s trust and offer her a necklace. However, this piece of jewel was hidding a deadly secret. One of its stones had poison in it. Olenna Tyrell strokes Sansa’s hair to draw her attention away from stealing the stone.

Therefore, Olenna uses this smuggled poison to kill Joffrey. While she didn’t admit to her crimes until season seven, she hinted at it several times. One of the most obvious signs was when she let her granddaughter Margaery know that she wouldn’t have let her marry Joffrey under any circumstances.

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