The New Google Maps Application for Apple Watch

google-maps-application Google has improved the iOS edition for Google Maps application to advertise a better interface for Apple Watch. This comes as another attempt of the search engine giant to expand other ventures in its main rivals’ play field: Apple and Microsoft.

Its Maps service for Apple Watch is a much simpler model of the application compared to the versions for phones or tablets. This version has been developed more as a partner application to an option-packed phone edition. However, it still proves why Google’s map service is a widely used app, even for hardcore Apple device clients.

The Maps application for Apple Watch lets customers tap its control buttons and see the best routes to their preferred stored places. These locations might be their own home or a work place in the center of the city. Furthermore, customers who look for indications on their iPhone will have all directions instantly synced with their smart watch.

This information can be accessed after they open the Map application on their Apple Watch. The application will show all transport ways that can be seen on an iPhone, such as indications when the client is walking, bike riding, driving or is on public transit.

The means of transport can be modified with the new Force Touch feature. One function that can be applied without having to directly use the iPhone is to see a record of the client’s frequently used routes that can be read by pressing under Home address and Work icons.

However, one restriction of the GMaps application for Apple Watch is that it cannot show a real map and this is one of the most useful functions of its iPhone version. The app will only be able to show simple arrows that direct the customer where he has to go next.

While not all map options are available for Apple Watch, the Maps app for the smart watch is still a great feature thanks to its positive reputation among customers. In addition, this is the second application that Google has developed for Apple Watch.

The previous application, Google News, was a very primary app that shown news summaries gathered from more than 60,000 sources, with all stories being presented in various categories. The application was considered more as a research by Google in developing a feature the Apple Watch though.

This was a contrast to other applications that were designed to offer a lot of value to customers. The upgrade of Google Maps to be suitable for Apple Watch can mean that the search engine would be launching more dedicated applications for the smart watch.

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