Google’s Verily Offers Support to Surgeons

"Laparoscopy robot surgeon"

Robotic surgeons could soon become very common.

A recent announcement reads Google’s Verily offers support to surgeons. The new company that the tech giant plans to found will supervise the production of robotic surgeon assistants, which can perform difficult tasks on behalf of human workers.

For those of you who are not familiar with this type of activity that Google is developing, Verily is the name that has been assigned to the Google Life Sciences department. The tech giant is meant to bring its scientific enterprise out of the shadowy angle by signing a new partnership with Johnson & Johnson.

According to the official announcement, J&J will create a new company in collaboration with Verily. The company will be named Verb Surgical and will be specialized, as the name suggests, in the production of surgical robots.

A similar initiative was made in March when Google’s Alphabet signed a deal with Johnson & Johnson. This time, however, the production will be specialized on robotic surgical assistants, the companies have explained.

The two partners think they have all it takes to conduct such activities. As a matter of fact, they will be using all the expertise that Johnson & Johnson has gathered in the field with the help of their medical device company, Ethicon. Google, on the other hand, will work to make data management easier, given that the company is specialized in this area.

Ethicon, will be the main producer of surgical robots. Yet, the company has explained that their goal is not to completely replace human medical staff, but rather to give them reliable assistants.

In spite of the promising news, it is unclear what the robots will be capable of doing. Google and its new partners have only hinted to the tech features of the surgical robots. Thus, we should expect Verb’s new machines to feature advanced technology based on machine learning, instrumentation, advanced visualization, robotic surgery and data analytics.

The goal is to create surgical robots that can make surgeons’ work easier. Ultimately, researchers hope they will be able to reduce patients’ trauma with the help of these advanced machines.

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