Grilled Meat Might Cause Higher Blood Pressure

Meat arranged on a grill after cooking

Grilled meat increases your chance of developing high blood pressure

If you are a barbecue fan, we have some bad news for you. Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health discovered that any type of grilled meat is bad for your heart. If you cook chicken, beef, or even fish on the grill, you have more chances to get high blood pressure.

Cooking meat at high temperatures is bad

This Wednesday, researchers presented their findings during a meeting of the American Heart Association. They discovered that grilled meat is the enemy of a normal blood pressure. In fact, even broiling or roasting meat can have the same effect. Whatever involves cooking at extremely high temperatures, using open flame directly on the meat, or burning the meat is a bad combination for the heart.

Researchers realized how dangerous grilled meat is after performing a research on over 100,000 people from the US. The research compared people who enjoyed cooking their meat at high temperatures to those who ate it prepared at moderate or lower temperatures. They noticed that the chances of high blood pressure were higher among those in the high temperature category.

However, the risk is not only immediate. If you like grilled meat, you are 15 percent more likely to develop hypertension even after 12 to 16 years. However, the study still has some limitations, so take these results with a grain of salt.

Burned grilled meat has other risks as well

Researchers couldn’t account for all methods of meat cooking. Some might be unhealthier, while others might come with fewer risks even the meat is prepared at a relatively high temperature. Also, the number of people who participated to the study was a bit too small.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the results into consideration. Overly cooked grilled meat, or any kind of burned food for the matter, has a greater chance to cause cancer, as proved by previous studies. When you cook meat at a high temperature, it releases some chemicals that can cause a series of health problems. These include inflammation or oxidative stress, which eventually lead to high blood pressure.

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