High-energy Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight

Juice Breakfast In Bed Serve Food Glass

A high-energy breakfast served in bed.

A recent study shows that a high-energy breakfast can promote weight loss. This research focused on patients who suffered from type 2 diabetes and obesity. The conclusion was that a high-energy breakfast was a better option for these patients vs the alternatives (no-breakfast or a small meal).

Eat More, Lose More

The researchers observed that 3 meals a day are a better way to lose weight in comparison to 5-6 small meals. These 3 meals consist of a big, high-energy breakfast, an average lunch, and a smaller dinner. It was observed that these people lost weight easier and more efficiently compared to those who had a different meal plan.

The research also said that they were less hungry and had better control over their diabetes by contrast with people who had 6 meals over the day. An important finding was that the hour of the day in which we eat is more important than what we eat. This is why it is important to eat more in the first part of the day and a lot less in the evening.

In order to conduct this study, researchers had a focus group of 18 men and 11 women, of an average age of 69, who were obese and had type 2 diabetes. All of them took insulin and split into 2 groups. Every group had different meal plans but consumed the same number of calories per day. One group ate 3 meals while the other had 6 small meals over the day for 3 months.

A diet with adequate meal timing and frequency has a pivotal role in glucose control and weight loss

Researchers observed that the first groups, which consumed a high-energy breakfast, a medium lunch and a small dinner lost more weight and had better insulin levels. By comparison, the people in the other group lost less weight and their blood sugar level decreased less.

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