Jogging App Strava Reveals Security Information about American Soldiers

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The fitness application Strava has released a global heatmap that shows the whereabouts of American soldiers. This includes their jogging routes near or inside military bases. The jogging app is popular among Americans and Europeans.

The updated global heatmap was released by the application representatives last November. Saturday, Nathan Ruser, an Australian analyst for the Institute for United Conflict Analysts, discovered it. Ruser, who is also a student, noticed that the map includes activity patterns which reveal military bases from remote locations in Syria. The locations are visible as lights of activity.

It looks very pretty, but not amazing for Op-Sec. US Bases are clearly identifiable and mappable, he noted on Twitter.

The map also reveals jogging patterns near a suspected CIA military base in Somalia, a Patriot missile system site in Yemen. Other Twitter users discovered bases in Iraq, Falklands, and Niger.

US Government is Examining Consequences of Jogging App

The US military personnel jog or cycle might have avoided this if they selected to share their location information as private, instead of public. However, the government did not mention the existence of regulations regarding soldiers’ private information.

The American military is examining the heatmap, and its implication, according to a Pentagon spokesman. He mentioned that this data emphasizes the need for awareness among military personnel who share their personal information. Previously, the government encouraged soldiers to use Fitbits, owned by Strava, to fight obesity.

In response, the Strava app representatives mention that users should understand the settings that give them control on the information they share. Strava has over 27 million users worldwide. It covers 27 billion km (17 billion miles) of distance where users run, jog and swim. The publicly released map includes fitness activity that happened between 2015 and September 2017.

Image Source: Pixabay.

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