Teenage Girl from Florida Detects Kidney Condition with the Help of an Apple Watch

Person wearing a white Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can measure the heart rate and help people achieve health goals

Wearable devices can really work as life-saving equipment, as they can spot immediate changes in one’s condition that can easily turn dangerous. A teenage girl from Tampa Bay, Florida, discovered she had a life-threatening condition while her Apple Watch discovered a sudden increase in her heartbeat. This later turned out to be a serious kidney condition she previously knew nothing about.

An Apple Watch has a series of biosensors that detect health changes

Only two years after its creation, Apple Watch became the best-selling watch kit in the world. The product became so popular as it offered people a series of smart features that made everything easier. Among these features, there are the biometric sensors that can monitor one’s health and can detect any changes in one’s physical condition.

Usually, people use Apple watches to measure the steps they take during a run, set up goals if they want to improve their health, or measure their heartbeats during physical exercise. These features aren’t only useful, as they could save the life of an 18-year-old girl from Florida.

The girl turned out to have a chronic kidney condition

While wearing an Apple Watch, Deanna Recktenwald, got an alert that said her heart rate had suddenly spiked, reaching 190 beats per minute. As soon as her mother, a nurse, heard of it, she took her to the first emergency room nearby. There, the doctors made some disquieting discoveries.

When the results of her blood tests came back, they revealed the cause of the high heart rate. The girl turned out to have a chronic kidney condition she didn’t know about. As a result, her kidneys functioned only 20 percent each. If she hadn’t gone to the hospital immediately, her condition could have got a lot worse.

Apple Watch, as well as any other health monitors and smartwatches, are great tools to have. They can always keep our health under control and signal any small change that might turn out serious. Therefore, buying a smart wearable device is always a great choice.

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