Boss Key Releases a New Battle Royale Game Called Radical Heights

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Radical Heights is unique among other battle royale games

After the LawBreakers disappointment, Boss Key decided to make an exclusive announcement after a few days of teasing. The developer will release a new battle royale game that is free to play and brings both a vintage and a modern vibe. Radical Heights is already available on the Early Access platform on Steam, where you can find many other games that are work in progress.

LawBreakers didn’t turn out so successful

The release of LawBreakers wasn’t quite the success Boss Key had expected. Therefore, the developer decided it was time for a new game. On Friday, they have started teasing the new project, which eventually turned out to be a battle royale style arcade game called Radical Heights. A trailer is already online, and it tells us a lot about what we’re going to get.

Its appearance is vintage, featuring color schemes and graphics that resemble us of the ‘80s. However, the animations are pretty great. Radical Heights looks like the perfect combination between arcade and gunplay. Players get to shoot, thrash, and pick up cash in an extreme battle display that looks promising.

Radical Heights is already available like an early access game

However, Radical Heights is not just like any regular battle royale game. Instead of looking for weapons while exploring the map, you can put that cash you pick up to good use. You can create money deposits, and then use them to buy guns from some special vending machines. Also, you can have a little fun during the rampage while using trampolines and other fun mechanisms to access high places.

Judging from the trailer, Radical Heights is an early access game. Starting today, it is available on Steam’s special platform where you can find all other games that are still in development. The title is also free to play, and also the product of a self-publishing effort of Boss Key.

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