Play with Kratos’ Facial Expressions with the New God of War Photo Mode

Kratos screaming in mid-battle

The photo mode lets you change the facial expressions of the characters

The latest God of War has already been out for a relatively long period of time, so everyone must know by now how the game ends. However, a new update gives us some more reasons to replay it. It seems God of War will get a photo mode so you can finally see your favorite characters smile.

Adjust Kratos’ expressions with the photo mode

Do you want to see Kratos looking funny or even more angry than before? Then you should no longer wait and roll out the latest update for God of War. The process isn’t complicated at all. First, you need to make sure you have the latest version installed, namely 1.2. Then, you will be able to activate the photo mode.

However, this isn’t the only change the update will bring about. The whole user interface will now get bigger text so that everything stays clear. Also, if you want to scare everyone and show them they shouldn’t mess with you, you will get back Kratos’ rage mode.

The visual changes in the photo mode are essential for the entire gaming experience

If you want to play with the filters and make all your characters look funny, here’s how to activate the photo mode. You can find it in the menu, somewhere across the options tag. However, you can also turn it on by using the controller on your touchpad. Afterwards, as you move around, you will see different tags that allow you to adjust the visuals.

Therefore, you can apply filters everywhere, change the borders, or make some characters more or less visible. The most fun option is probably the one that lets you change the facial expression of the characters. While it’s a fun activity, the developers said the photo mode could be important for the dynamics of the game and for the customization of each character.

If you are an iOS user, you can get some other God of War goodies apart from the photo mode. The devs released a set of God of War stickers that let you play with your friends and tell them how fierce you are feeling.

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