New Study on Children’s Usage of Mobile Devices

children mobileAlmost all American children under the age of 4 have used at least once a mobile gadget, like a smartphone or tablet, and kids are using these devices in even earlier age groups, a new research discovered.

The report regarding 300 kids in a low-income group community indicates that the revenue-based digital separation is reducing with time. The parents interviewed said that tablets represent the most frequently used gadgets for kids, and even children young as 2 use them over half an hour every day.

Access to, information about and expertise using mobile gadgets are the initial actions in accomplishing digital knowledge, according to the authors of the study. However, they stated that real social involvement with parents, besides their assistance, are vital to help children integrate technological innovation into their family life.

The research was already released in the November 2 online version of US pediatric publications. One professional acquainted with the report’s results called this pattern as disturbing, since it indicates that parents could be using these technological gadgets as a surrogate nanny.

The adults who took part in the study confessed that they use mobile devices for their kids to be quiet and entertained inside public venues or instead of face-to-face communication before bedtime. Children need a real connection with their parents for good reasons and the emerging pattern is, overall, troublesome for specialists and parents alike.

For the research, scientists provided a set of questions to both mothers and fathers of 300 kids between 1 and 4 years who frequented a children medical center for a prolonged time. All parents responded to these questions about the kids’ use of TV, mobile phones, computer systems and gaming activities.

Almost every family (95 percent) had its own TV, 80 % had tablets and 75 % had mobile phones. Just over 50 percent had gaming consoles (55 percent), computers (60 percent) and a permanent Internet connection at home (55 percent). This is no surprise for specialists who have noticed in recent years that children are becoming a lot more tech-savvy compared to previous generations.

Overall, the older these kids were, the more prone they were to use this type of advanced technology. Until the age of 4, around 75% of young children had their own gadgets and 50% had a TV in their room. Over 90% used a tablet or smart phone, the research found.

Their parents’ educational level and the kid’s sex and ethnic background did not have any part in whether the kid possessed a mobile phone or not.

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