Two Years Later, Niantic Finally Brings Pokemon Trading to Pokemon Go

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Pokemon trading comes with a new Friend system

As soon as Pokemon Go was launched, players have been waiting for one single feature that failed to appear – Pokemon trading. Two years later, Niantic has finally decided to make it happen, integrating the long-awaited feature into a brand new Friend system.

Pokemon trading is finally here

Pokemon GO is an exciting AR game where you go on the quest for Pokemon while interacting with your surroundings. Players had to search for these little monsters across their town and do their best to catch them. To everyone’s disappointment, there was one feature that wasn’t available – Pokemon trading.

Niantic noticed that everyone desperately wanted it, so it made a decisive step in the sense. This week, all players should get the updated Friend system. Soon after that, Pokemon trading should appear as well, but the gaming studio avoided being too specific. This might be because the tests aren’t done yet.

However, Niantic still wants you to get ready for Pokemon trading, so it explained how it should work. First of all, you need to be friends with a player to trade Pokemon and, for that, you should exchange trainer codes. Afterwards, that person needs to be only 100 meters away from you. To get further advantages, you’ll need to play together to earn some benefits.

The feature is part of an updated Friend system

The more friends you are with a certain player, the easier it is to do Pokemon training. There are certain monsters that are rare, and they require a special friendship level for the trade to occur. Keep in mind you are allowed only one special trade every day, and this will cost you Pokemon fuel, namely stardust.

In the end, there’s one last feature that is worth mentioning. The new Friend system will allow you to send gifts to your friends. Whenever you reach different Pokestops, you’ll be able to pick up gifts that you can send to your friends. It’s not clear what these gifts contain, but they are still great items to own.

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