Online Abortion Services Are Helping Women Safely Terminate Pregnancies

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Online abortion services are extremely helpful in countries where the practice is illegal.

Despite abortions being illegal in most parts of Ireland, a significant number of women still seek to terminate unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. A new study found that women from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland who use online abortion services suffer lower levels of side effects than those who opt for alternative methods.

In Ireland a Woman Can Terminate a Pregnancy Only If Her Life Is in Danger

According to law, in Ireland, a woman can choose to terminate a pregnancy only if her doctors have reasons to believe her life is in danger due to it. Otherwise, even if the pregnancy is the result of incest or rape, or if the fetus presents life-altering abnormalities, the women have no choice but to give birth.

However, a great deal of women refuse to abide the law, seeking alternate ways to terminate their pregnancies. Some use different herbs, others bribe physicians that perform the procedure in unsterile, unsafe environments, while others, appeal to online abortion services that teach them how to calculate the proper doses of misoprostol and mifepristone.

Online Abortion Services Deemed “Highly Effective”

Researchers looked at 1,000 female patients from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland who sought help from online abortion services such as Women on the Web. From the total sample, 95 percent of women reported effectively ending their pregnancies with the medication received from the group.

Just one tenth suffered adverse reaction, seeking specialized medical help. A little under 1 percent needed a blood transfusion after taking the medication, and 3 percent developed an infection that was later treated with antibiotics.

In Ireland, women found guilty of inducing abortion can spend the rest of their lives in prison, so the act of buying the pills online is punishable by law. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop the British Pregnancy Advice Service from setting up a helpline for all women in need of advice before or after taking abortion pills. The service is confidential, so the women don’t have to fear the wrath of the authorities.

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