OpenAI Bots Could Collaborate and Beat Human Players at Dota 2

Screenshot from Dota 2 showing the character DoomBringer

The OpenAI Five team is ready to confront the best Dota 2 players

The development of artificial intelligence has reached a new milestone with its integration in the gaming industry. OpenAI, a company based in San Francisco, has developed gaming bots and inserted them in the popular Dota 2. The researchers were able to make multiple algorithms work together, fight against human teams, and defeat them.

AI bots are capable of defeating human players at Dota 2

OpenAI is a powerful startup that benefits from the support of Elon Musk and SpaceX. This encouraged the small company to engage in daring challenges while developing AI algorithms. Usually, such systems can work individually, but these scientists managed to make them collaborate.

Last year, the company developed a gaming bot with an AI mechanism behind. Then, they had it be part of the biggest Dota 2 tournament, called The International. There, the bot challenged the biggest Dota 2 player in the world, Dendi, Danil Ishutin by his real name. To everyone’s surprise, the bot was the winner.

OpenAI will have its team of five bots collaborate and defeat humans

OpenAI didn’t plan to stop there, so it now returns with an army of AI bots. In fact, it’s actually a team of five AI players called the OpenAI Five. This time, the bots didn’t work individually against players, but learned to cooperate. This marked a landmark for AI development, since it’s the first time when the machines were able to work together. The results were remarkable, as they could defeat several teams of amateur Dota 2 players.

OpenAI has revealed it aims for the best result with its team of bots. Every day, the AI systems had to compete against themselves with data coming from multiple games played over the past 180 years. Therefore, human players should be afraid. After several more training sessions, the company will have its bots compete in The International again, this time against teams of the best Dota 2 players.

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