Overwatch Developers Add Avoid as Teammate Option to Let You Run from Unpleasant Players

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Overwatch players will soon benefit from the Avoid as Teammate option

Overwatch developers are thinking about their players, and they decided to offer a nice new feature in the latest Developer Update. If you are having a bad experience with certain players, you now can select them and stay away from them during the game. This option is called Avoid as Teammate, and can prevent certain players from ending up in your team.

Avoid as Teammate lets you avoid players in Overwatch

Sometimes, in online games, you might stumble upon some players you don’t like playing with. You two can either be incompatible, or the person might simply not know how to play the game. This results in some unpleasant situations for you and your other teammates. In this case, you’d definitely want a chance to run from such players.

Overwatch developers are thinking of everything, so they decided to do something in the sense. With the Avoid as Teammate option, you will be able to select a person you don’t want to be paired with. This will prevent you from being on the same team. This sounds great, but the option is far from perfect.

Avoid as Teammate has a series of shortcomings, but it’s still a great option

You might find more players you’d like to avoid but, unfortunately, you can select only two at a time with the Avoid as Teammate option. Also, this is not permanent. They will stay away from a limited period of seven days and, afterwards, you mind end up on the same team again.

Even so, Avoid as Teammate is a great option. Overwatch is about teamwork, but not everybody gets along well. You might be unhappy with the performance of a player, but reporting them isn’t always a solution. The limitations of the options are also understandable, as the avoided players are notified and have to wait a little before they are paired up with someone. Therefore, to avoid unending queues, developers limited the option to only two avoided players at a time.

At first, developers said the option should be here in Overwatch Season 10. Meanwhile, they made some changes and might implement it a lot sooner. Therefore, the Avoid as Teammate option should be here with the next patch.

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