What We Know About HIV’s Patient Zero

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HIV virus was discovered in 1981.

The first patient that was discovered to have AIDS was a flight attendant from Canada. A lot of people blamed him for being the one who brought the disease in the United States.  The HIV virus killed more than 700 000 people since it was discovered, in 1981. The virus was already making victims when the disease was recognized by the officials.

Even though many blame the flight attendant,  researchers proved that he was only one of the thousands of people who were infected with the virus in 1970.  It seems that the virus traveled from the Caribbean to the United States. ScientiSts are sure that the virus came from that direction.  They used samples from gay men in New York  City and San Francisco in 1978. The men participated in a study of hepatitis B. At that moment, nobody knew that AIDS  was a disease.  Even though they were tested for another disease, researchers were able to find the virus in their blood. They discovered there were infected people among the participants.

You could be surprised to find out that HIV was first transmitted from a monkey to a human in the 20th century. From that moment, more people got infected. It is believed that the virus was present for a long time. Researchers were able to discover a lot of infected people from 1960. However, it took a long time before officials recognized the virus and started to raise awareness regarding this issue.

What is really important to understand is that nobody can be blamed for a virus that was not discovered at that moment. People did not know they were sick so they were not able to prevent the disease. At the moment, everyone knows about AIDS and how dangerous it can be. Unfortunately, we still do not have a cure for it.

People who suffer from this disease can live for a long time by getting a treatment that controls the disease. Many researchers are developing new treatments, hoping they will be able to find a cure.

That was a patient that was treated by mistake when doctors used radiotherapy to treat his cancer. We are expecting that researchers will find a cure in the future.

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