Pizza Hut Devised a New Delivery Pouch that Retains Heat Better for Hotter Pizza

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U.S. citizens will have one more reason to save Pizza Hut on speed dial. The company has gained a new competitive edge. It might be trivial, but food temperature can really make a difference. This is about a new concept of a delivery pouch that is going to serve customers with 15 degrees hotter pizza.

Pizza Hut Opened 14,000 Positions for Drivers

Our new delivery pouch is so good at keeping pizza oven-hot, we’ve found a way to share the warmth.

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On Tuesday, the restaurant chain announced some good news for all those customers who want to enjoy a hot, cheesy pizza in the comfort of their homes. The novelty consists of numerous tweaks to the delivery system. Their role is to preserve food temperature at high levels.

What the company did was to incorporate high tech in its delivery system. The result is a redesigned pouch and a new type of box. Both of them received new sides that are thick enough to trap heat inside them. On top of that, Pizza Hut is going to open 14,000 new positions for drivers. As a consequence, customers will end up receiving faster, hotter pizza.

The vice president of brand marketing and consumer insight at Pizza Hut, Zipporah Allen, described the new technology as “oven-hot delivery system.” The original pouch is roomy enough to accommodate three boxes of pizza and can function best for up to 35-minute delivery timeframe.

The New Pizza Hut Delivery Pouch Has Now Three Layers for Hotter Pizza

The redesigned pouch consists of three layers. These are a 3M Thinsulate lining, a polyester fiber padding, and a heat-reflecting aluminum. The team behind this new technology took inspiration from winter jackets, space blankets, and even household insulation. Therefore, there is no wonder that the company dubbed their new asset as Pizza Parka.

The revamped box comes with its own gimmick as well. Beside the same corrugated sides for better insulation, it will have a new tray. This layer has the goal to maintain the crisp quality of the flagship pizza. This particular sheet is made of cardboard that has been ridged.

The company is going to change the logistics and customer care sides of the delivery routine as well. Clients will receive real-time updates while drivers will enjoy new algorithms for traffic solutions. The new system is already rolling in 6,300 of Pizza Hut restaurants.

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