Niantic Organizes Pokemon GO Earth Day Event with Extra Stardust Bonuses

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The Pokemon GO Earth Day event will reward you with Stardust if you pick up trash

Recently, Niantic has organized all kinds of Pokemon GO events where players can have fun and get their hands on some special rewards. The next in line is the Pokemon GO Earth Day event, where you can get the chance to get some extra Stardust. However, it doesn’t come cheap, as you’ll have to actually contribute to keep Earth clean.

Niantic organizes a Pokemon GO Earth Day event

For this Pokemon GO Earth Day event, Niantic started a collaboration with Playmob and some other organizations in the US. This way, it will encourage players to offer to pick up trash in different locations, in exchange for in-game rewards.

The Pokemon GO Earth Day event will take place on Sunday, April 22nd. All players will receive a list of locations where they can go and volunteer to pick up trash. Then, they will have to pick one of these locations, and spend two hours volunteering, between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. In exchange for their valuable help of the environment, players will get exclusive rewards.

Unfortunately, there are not many options to choose from. At the moment, the locations include one San Francisco spot, five North Carolina spots, and one Hawaii spot, in Wailuku. Niantic knows this doesn’t suit all fans, but promised it will expand the list.

The event will grant you Stardust in exchange of picking up trash

While picking up the trash, players will have to catch Grass, Water, and Ground-type Pokemon. If there are 1,500 logged in players, they will receive 2x Stardust for the Pokemon they catch. If there are 3,000 logged in players, they’ll get 3x Stardust.

This might be enough to convince players to be a part of the Pokemon GO Earth Day event. Stardust works as the main currency within the game, which also brings some powerups. However, since it’s relatively rare, you generally get to use it for the most valuable of Pokemons.

During a regular game, you can get a temporary Stardust boost that only lasts 30 minutes. Therefore, getting the chance to use the powerups even for a few days should get all players motivated to be a part of the Pokemon GO Earth Day event. If you want to be a trash-picking volunteer, you can find the closest location to you on Niantic’s website.

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